Tips from Pros

John Swanson standing in the golf shop.

Remember your spine position.

Overlooking the valley where Indian Ranch Golf course is nestled.

"The more you play, the better you get."

Waterton Lakes Golf Course is in Waterton National Park, sitting high on a bluff surrounded by the beautiful Canadian Rockies and the peaks of Waterton Lakes.

"Hit the ball low."

Hole 6 with Pond at D'Arcy Ranch Golf Club.

Tip from Pro Tim Watt

Head pro Lyndon King with 2013 junior club champion of Collicutt Siding Golf Club.

Choose the longer club

Kevin Maffioli, head pro at Christina Lake Golf Club.

"Spend 25 minutes warming up with your golf swing, chipping and putting, before you go play."

Teeing off at St Eugene Golf Resort Casino
Tips from Pros How to keep up the pace at St. Eugene July 2013 / Kimberly Schoenberger

Cindy Soukoroff, associate pro at St. Eugene Golf Resort near Cranbrook, shares her golf advice.

Tips from Pros Risk and Reward golf tips June 2013 / Karissa Gall

Dean Sklarenko of Picture Butte Golf Club gives his advice about risk and reward situations on the golf course.

steve haggard head pro eagle Ranch teeing off

Steve Haggard is the head pro at both Silvertip and Eagle Ranch. Check out his golf advice.

A view of the 5th hole on Mission Hills Golf Course.

Tips from Cindy Panagabko

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