How to keep up the pace at St. Eugene

Playing the 13th hole along the St. Mary River presents unique challenges

by Kimberly Schoenberger
Teeing off at St Eugene Golf Resort Casino
Be sure to choose the correct tee boxes when you tee off. — Bob Huxtable photo courtesy of St. Eugene Golf Resort

How to play St. Eugene’s signature Hole 13

The 13th hole at St. Eugene Golf Resort is a particularly challenging spot on the course, as there is a dramatic elevation drop as well as the St. Mary River running right alongside the hole. Cindy Soukoroff, one of the associate pros at the course, offers her advice on how to deal with its difficulty.

“As far as 13 goes, you just have to be careful with your club decision,” she said. “The hole is par three, and you just have to choose your club wisely. With the elevation change, you will not need as much club as you normally would on a level hole.”

How to keep the game going

Soukoroff also noted that no matter where you’re playing golf, it’s important to keep up the practice of teeing it forward.

“I think at any course, it’s important to play from the proper tee boxes,” said Soukoroff. “You want to make sure to not make the course too challenging from that perspective.”

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