Adventures from Off the Fairway

A blog about all things golf, from a borderline addict

When Mike Davies was about 14 years old, (he claims) he was probably a five handicap. Then one day real life came along, there were other things to attend to, and golf suddenly seemed expensive when other expenses needed to come out of the account, too (not to mention junior rates versus adult ones), so he took a forced sabbatical. For over a decade, unfortunately.

He’s gotten back into it, though, and he has some unique perspectives on the game in all its facets, a strange sense of humour about things, and he’s willing to share his thoughts on all aspects of being borderline addicted to something that people who aren’t will simply never understand.

A typical B.C. photo with the Steeples mountain range in the background.

British Columbia is so beautiful. I can’t be the only one who sees possible golf holes all over the place, can I?

Overlooking the Elkford Mountain Meadows Golf Club.

Most days we are just happy to play the game we love, but some days go way beyond.

A graphic of green dollar signs under a flying golf ball.

Golf courses might need to lower their prices if they want to have long-term success.

Why it’s harder to score well when the pin is closer to you, despite (and because of) the pin being closer to you.

21-degree Titleist adjustable hybrid golf club

Adjustable clubs are cheating. And like all other ways of cheating in golf, you’re only cheating yourself.

Take advantage of big brand marketing and learn something from their representatives at demo days.

Buying a membership can sometimes prevent playing a wider variety of golf throughout the season.

Putting a finger on a few of what I think are consistently good options for post (or pre) round meals at the course.

The only way to improve your distance control is to actually play.

An open letter to my son, and a thank-you to my dad.

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