Steve Haggard splits his time between Eagle Ranch and Silvertip

Playing golf in the mountains is a special treat

by Kimberly Schoenberger
steve haggard head pro eagle Ranch teeing off
Steve Haggard tees off on Hole 7 at Eagle Ranch. — Photo courtesy Steve Haggard

General golf tip:

Really be cognizant of the tee boxes you play. Just because you are used to playing a certain yardage at your home golf course doesn’t mean they are the tees you will enjoy while visiting other golf courses. Playing golf in the mountains is a special treat that should be enjoyed while shooting a great score.

For Eagle Ranch:

Overall Eagle Ranch is a very playable golf course, as there are numerous sets of tees for all abilities. There is a visual intimidation factor at Eagle Ranch due to the numerous ravines we have running through our golf course; however, this also elevates the WOW factor. The difficulty is only visual and, should you rely on the GPS units for the shortest crossings, the carries are extremely makeable for players of all skill levels.

For Silvertip:

Silvertip has 800 feet of elevation change from its lowest point to the highest. This will see players have some lies above their feet and below their feet, causing the ball to curve when hit. With a ball below your feet (further away from you) players will need to stand a little closer to the ball to ensure the club will be able to make contact with the ground while swinging. The opposite is the case when the ball is above your feet (closer to you). You need to move your hands down the bottom of your grip, making the club shorter, to ensure you don’t take a large chunk of grass while swinging.”

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