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Titleist C16 Irons.
Equipment The Perfect Golf Club May 2017 / Dennis Begin

With a plethora of new clubs on the market every January, Titleist has designed and produced a new driver and irons that has stretched technology.

This Cobra Hybrid, 3 to 4, will replace the 3 and 4 irons.
Equipment Gone are the long irons May 2017 / Dennis Begin

All the major golf companies now manufacture hybrids, so leave your 3 and 4-iron in the garage and join the revolution in golf clubs.

GX-7 X-Metal Driver
Equipment Be cautious what you buy May 2017 / Dennis Begin

With the arrival of spring and golf season, it may be time to upgrade your clubs, starting with your driver—but buyer beware.

A beginner's set of Adams Tight Lie golf clubs.
Equipment Beginners and golf clubs May 2017 / Dennis Begin

Despite appearances, the old adage, "It's not as easy as it looks," may prove true for the beginner golfer.

Matt Kuchar's Putter: Model 2-Halfmoon face.

Bettinardi Golf, a small company from Chicago, has developed the Counterbalance putter which features equal weight distribution in the grip and head of the putter.

Nicole Lind, Eric Buckley and Will Buckley on the green next to a red flag at Cranbrook Golf Club watching Will putt his golf ball into the hole

Keep protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays and scorching heat while staying cool and dry outdoors with Under Armour’s HeatGear and CoolSwitch athletic clothing line.

A golfer is riding his GolfBoard on the golf course.
Equipment Surf the Earth July 2015 / Mason Buettner

The GolfBoard is positioned to impact golf by attracting a younger demographic appealing to the board sports lovers

No. 4 Hybrid by Corba.
Equipment Hybrid clubs and the aging golfer August 2014 / Dennis Begin

My three hybrids have given me back ten golfing years with increased distance, and the greens are no longer out of range.

The driver head of the Adams XTD
Equipment Drive for show May 2014 / Andrew Penner

The smaller guys also make weapons that work, and you don’t want to overlook them.

A Clicgear, 3-wheeler push cart.
Equipment What to look for in a push cart May 2014 / Dennis Begin

Do your back a favour and make the transition from a carry bag to a push cart.

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