Swinging in the rain

Pro Trevor Moore ensures that you make good of foul weather

by Trevor Moore

Considering how the weather has panned out the past two months, odds are you will end up playing golf in the rain at some point this season.

Playing in the rain does not need to be a bad experience, and with a change in attitude and a little preparation you will be surprised to find that it is just as enjoyable as playing on a nice day.

Keep it in perspective and always remember that golf in the rain is still golf. Maintain a positive outlook on the day and take solace in the fact that the course will be wide open, quiet, peaceful and serene. There is plenty to be said about having the course all to yourself and not having to wait on another group all day.

Many golfers literally invest thousands of dollars on their clubs but then turn around and spend very little on their rain gear. Spending money on good gear will make your rain days all the more enjoyable.

Start from the ground up; purchase leather golf shoes that have a waterproof warranty. Canvas shoes are not going to keep your feet dry and when your feet are feeling drowned, you will too. You don’t have to break the bank—although high-end options exist—you can get a great pair of shoes for around $150.

Not just an umbrella

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that an umbrella is just an umbrella; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Umbrella canopies come in all sizes and you must remember that the canopy has to keep both you and your clubs dry, so factor your bag and/or pull cart into the size consideration.

Remember that a broken umbrella is a useless umbrella, so don’t be afraid to invest in a good one. Your umbrella must be able to withstand strong winds or it will snap at the least opportune time. Cheaper varieties are very prone to breaking in high winds as they have a single canopy that traps the wind. Higher-end options are designed with a dual canopy, which allows the wind to vent through the umbrella rather than trapping it. Dual canopy options are more expensive but far less susceptible to breakage.

With a good umbrella you will still get water on your hands and clubs, so you must carry more than one towel. Keep one on your golf bag that is dedicated entirely to keeping your clubs clean, and another one hanging under the canopy of your umbrella that is dedicated to keeping your hands and grips dry.

Rain suits come in all shapes, sizes and price points, but simply owning one is a good start. You would be surprised to find out how few people actually have one in their bag. The sky is the limit for pricing and you must weight your budget with the options and benefits of higher end brands. Simply remember that fleece jackets and wind breakers are not going to cut it if the rain starts to fall, so bottom line, get something in your bag that will.

It is not if you will play in the rain—it is when—so don’t be surprised when it happens. Embrace it with a positive attitude knowing you are prepared with all the equipment you need to enjoy the day.

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