Sacrifice vs commitment

These two terms are often confused when it comes to changing your swing

by Trevor Moore

When it comes to making changes—whether to fitness, diet, finances or golf swing—everyone professes their personal commitment to change. With so many committed to the process of changing, why do so few succeed in achieving their new goals?

The problem is often in the fact that people confuse commitment with sacrifice. Everyone is committed to doing the new things, but very few are fully prepared to sacrifice the old things along the way. Sacrifices are an important part of the process and if nobody was forced to make them, then changing things really would be simple and easy.

For example, a person who wants to improve their diet must take two things into account. First, they must be committed to inserting healthy foods into their everyday routine, but secondly they must be willing to sacrifice their old favourites and remove them. Simply committing to healthy choices is the easy part; willingness to sacrifice the poor choices is where real success starts.

How does this relate to the golf swing? Simple—you must be committed to learning new movements, positions and actions all while accepting that sacrifices must be made in an effort to get rid of your old habits.

What are the sacrifices you should be prepared to make along the way?

Things like comfort and familiarity are great places to start. It is highly unlikely that your new swing keys will feel as comfortable as the old ones and you must be willing to sacrifice comfort until new habits are formed.

Time is also a sacrifice that should be anticipated. New habits are not formed without repetition. Ask yourself what you are willing to give up from your weekly routine to insert the necessary practice time.

Change is not instant and when playing immediately after changes, you may end up having to sacrifice a few golf balls, golf scores and personal pride as you watch your scores go up for a brief period in time. Remember this is not permanent and that you will be better for it in the long run.

Bottom line, spend as much time preparing to sacrifice the old as you are committing to learning the new and you will find success comes much quicker than you ever thought possible.

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