Playing Balfour’s signature Hole 17

Two different strategies for success

by Karen Kornelsen

The signature hole at the Balfour Golf Course, Hole 17, can be played a couple of different ways.

The strategic player will hit a tee shot of no more than 220 yards, following the path of the fairway. A second lay-up shot to the top of the hill will leave 130 yards or less for the third shot.

The more aggressive player will aim to the right towards the tall cedar tree in the distance. Favour to the left of the tree to leave the flattest lie for your long approach. The second shot plays uphill and will require an extra club to cover the full yardage. Favour to the right on your second, as the hazard lines left of the green are closer than they appear.

The true difficulty of Hole 17 lies in remaining focused on the shot at hand and not on the beautiful views of Kootenay Lake.

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