How to play Kokanee Springs

Kokanee generally plays longer than the posted yardage

by Karen Kornelsen

Four sets of tees make the course range from 6,600 yards down to 5,144. Lush fairways and heavy, moist air mean Kokanee plays longer than the posted yardage.

A good rule of thumb for club selection is to take one extra club compared to playing other inland courses. Off the tee the course favours a left-to-right tee shot, as most holes tend to move in that direction or play straight. The par-3 holes look straightforward and are generally fairly easy, except for Hole 11 when played from the blue or black tees.

Don’t let the scenery beguile you if you’re serious about your score. There are 67 bunkers on the golf course and the greens are old-school, with lumps and bumps and tiers to make putting a challenge. On the green, focus and determination can save you at least one stroke. 

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