Arnold Wied of Valemount Pines Golf Course had these tips

by Jessica Kirby

General tip: The thing I notice most about golfers, especially on the driving range, is that they always seems to be concentrating on driving the ball and seeing how far they can hit it. It is all about using a big driver to hit off of a tee. But you spend half your game on the green—on a par 72 you can expect 36 on the green. Spend time chipping and putting, and the driving will take care of itself. When I take someone out to learn, I don’t even give them a driver until they can putt and chip.

Course tip: There are at least three holes with hidden greens, where the angle is severe enough that a good golfer can go over the trees—these are 40- or 50-foot timbers—and plunk it down right in front of the green. If you can hit 300, you can get it over the trees and to the green and get a 2 on a par 5. These are for the heroic golfer.

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