What’s the best clubhouse food?

Putting a finger on a few of what I think are consistently good options for post (or pre) round meals at the course.

by Mike Davies

“What’s the best clubhouse food?” sounds like a ridiculous question, because every clubhouse kitchen will have its own forte, every menu is different, and, well, sometimes you’re just plain more or less hungry than other times, so you’ll be needing more or less food on your plate to fill that emptiness.

While these things are all true, I’m going to try and put my finger on a few of what I think are consistently good options for post (or pre) round meals at the course, and I look forward to hearing about your favourites, as well.

The clubhouse sandwich

This is a pretty common find on not only clubhouse (no pun intended) menus, but in most restaurants, and I think that’s because it’s a hard one to screw up, so I find it a safe bet.

Think about what’s going into this dish. It’s just bread (x3), turkey (or chicken), bacon, cheese, sometimes a tomato, and lettuce. Sure, you’ll sometimes get some dry turkey that they try to make up for with extra mayo, or the bacon will be crispier than you like, or whatever, but in general, you’ll find you get basically what you expect, and most of the time that’s something I like when I’m ordering somewhere I’ve never eaten.

The beef dip

See above, only exchange all those ingredients for “bun and shaved beef.”

Even harder to screw up. I add cheese if it’s an option. Which it is, even if it’s not on the menu that way. Just ask.

Fish and chips

I don’t know what it is about golf course kitchens and their ability to nail a plate of fish and chips. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by what they put in front of me if that’s what I ordered.

In fact, it’s often placed before you and you look at it in awe, wondering how you’ll possibly eat that much food.

What the server tells you when you ask…

“What’s the best thing on the menu?” It’s a great question, because the person you’re asking knows more about what goes on around that place than anyone else, probably. If you’re not a picky eater, just pick the first thing that person says.

They might say something like, “Everything’s good,” but follow that up with, “but I know a lot of people order (inset menu item) and really enjoy it.”

Take their word for it. They have no reason to lie to you. The more you enjoy your experience there, the more money they make (tip your servers, people).

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about some of the best meals you’ve had at a golf course, or the thing on the menu you always get if it’s on there, and why.

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