Seeing golf holes everywhere

Everywhere I go in this province, I see golf holes

by Mike Davies
A typical B.C. photo with the Steeples mountain range in the background.
Mike Davies sees potential golf courses all across the scenic province of British Columbia. — Kimberly Shellborn photo

Everywhere I go in this beautiful province of ours, I see golf holes.

It’s not that I wish for our entire landscape to become manicured and landscaped into man-made facilities. It’s just that I can’t help thinking things like, “Wow. Nice view. If this were a golf hole, it would be one of the best in the world,” and then I figure out in my head what it would look like, and how it would play.

No wonder B.C. has some of the best golfing around.

We live in a place with majestic mountains (and therefore valleys) overlooking beautiful plains and fields, with clean, crisp air and (generally) populated with friendly, real people who make you feel welcome wherever you are.

It’s the perfect region (if an amount of land this vast can be qualified that way) for golf. It just FEELS like golf everywhere you go, it seems.

What are your thoughts? Do you see golf possibilities all around you? Am I just obsessed with the game so much that I see things this way?

Actually, I don’t care if I am. I like seeing things this way.

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