Tips from Jim Fagan II of Eagle Bend Golf Club

by Kimberly Schoenberger
Photo of Eagle Bend Golf Club
View from hole 1 at Eagle Bend Golf Club. — Photo courtesy Eagle Bend Golf Club.

Jim Fagan II of Eagle Bend Golf Club gives some tips for keeping up your golf game, both at Eagle Bend and for golfing in general.

In regard to his own course, Fagan notes that golfers really need to “take advantage of the par 5s, as you will be put to test on the demanding par 3s.”

Eagle Bend certainly sports a variety of obstacles (including that of personal endurance, as it is a very long course), so golfers should make sure to use this tip to help take on the challenge.

However, taking advantage of holes with a higher par score can also apply anywhere you decide to swing your clubs. It’s important to always use whatever chance you get to give your score that extra bump down.

As for the game of golf, Fagan said, “Time is valuable in today’s world and consistency is key in golf. Try to get a club in your hand several times a week, 20 minutes at a time, and you will see great results.”

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