Tips for playing Fernie Golf and Country Club

by Kimberly Schoenberger
Head Golf Pro Mel Dies.
Head Golf Pro Mel Dies. — Photo courtesy

Tip for Fernie:

“When playing Fernie always try to keep the ball below the hole on approach shots as there are a lot of greens that slope back to front.  This will make your day of putting much easier and help eliminate the added 3-putt.  Also, always be aware of where the water is as it comes in play for 16 of the 18 holes.”

Tip for Anywhere:

“A very good thing to remember when going to play is to take the time to get properly set up for each and every shot. Alignment is a very crucial part of this and the golf swing. If we are not aligned where we want it to go, we have to make a bad swing to make it go at the target. Check to make sure that your feet, hips and shoulders are all pointing in the direction of your desired flight. Also remember to create a knee and hip flex that is the same for all clubs and that we can maintain throughout the swing. This is a very important component in developing a repetitive motion and will greatly help with ball contact!”

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