The Perfect Golf Club

by Dennis Begin
Titleist C16 Irons.
Titleist C16 Irons. — Photo courtesy Titleist Corporation

In the 1970’s, there was a science fiction television show called The Six Million Dollar Man, which featured a bionic man with superhuman strength. From that show came a famous phrase, ”we can rebuild him, we have the technology.”

What if a golf company had both the technology and money to develop the perfect golf club?

The question then arises, what would the concept clubs look like? Concept means what clubs will look like in the future. The answer is the Titleist C16 concept driver and irons. With a plethora of new clubs on the market every January, Titleist has designed and produced a new driver and irons that has stretched technology. Dan Stone, Vice President of Titleist Research and Development, stated that “……it’s our effort to make the best theoretically performing club into a real product”.

The C16 driver, with a 445-cc head, has an ultra-thin titanium crown and club face with a cast body. Three different types of titanium make the driver lighter, producing faster club head speed and greater distance. The adjustable Sure Fit Hosel produces 16 adjustable positions which optimizes ball flight. The Active Recoil Channel producing a second flexing of the club and reduces vibrations. The Sure Fit CG Weight moves the weight from head to toe, resulting in a low center of gravity [CG] and more forgiveness from off hits. The two different weights [10 grams] fit into the head diagonally, producing three options of neutral, draw and fade shots. The loft ranges from 9.0 degrees to 10.5 degrees. The result of this new technology is a shot that is 6 to 10 yards longer and has a straighter ball flight, which is what all golfers want.

The C16 irons are hollow forged irons, composed of steel and tungsten with Sure Fit Grips. Three different types of steel make up the head. The results are irons that hit the ball higher, longer and with greater accuracy. The shafts are Mitsubishi K.K. 50 and the grips Golf Pride Tour.

The clubs may be futuristic, but they come with a huge price tag. The driver costs $1,125.00, US of course, while the irons start at $2,700.00. In addition, Titleist only made 1,500 drivers and 1,000 sets of irons. The clubs also have to be custom fitted by Sure Fit Technologies and purchased from Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California. The clubs will be available for sale the end of April 2017 and approved by the USGA.

Titleist also produces other new clubs in 2017, like the 917, D2 and D3 drivers, all available at your local golf store. If you are a connoisseur of Titleist clubs and price is not an issue, get your order in quickly.

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