TaylorMade SLDR TP driver

by Dennis Begin
TaylorMade SLDR TP driver
The new TaylorMade SLDR TP driver has an attractive appearance and a new sliding weight on the back of the club. — photo courtesy of TaylorMade

During the television coverage of the Masters, a commercial by TaylorMade stated that its 2014 SLDR TP driver is the number one driver on the PGA Tour. This club is a distance machine. It was TaylorMade that produced the first adjustable head, the R7 in 2004, and the company has continued to refine its product. This charcoal, silver and blue driver has an attractive appearance and a new sliding weight on the back of the club.


The science behind this club would keep any aerospace engineer happy. The design features a low centre of gravity, which promotes high launch, fast ball speed, low spin and greater distance.  The loft of the club can be increased or decreased up to 1.5 degrees, with 12 loft positions for different flight trajectory. The obvious attraction is the 20 gram sliding weight that goes from draw to fade. There are 21 different weight positions so that the golfer can dial in the exact ball flight.  Depending on where the weight is set, the difference between a draw and a fade can be 30 yards.

Buy with caution

Before spending $450 at Golf Town on this club, spend some time with it at a driving range.  The club is really meant for low handicap golfers or pros on tour. With a 460 cc head and a regular Fujikura shaft, this club was hard to swing. There is also a 430 cc club head. On address, the club feels heavy, a disadvantage of adjustable heads.

The club requires a long, smooth backswing with the club parallel at the top. It is also necessary to have good weight transfer and a strong left side. The club head speed needs to be over 105 miles an hour or the face will not square, unless the wrist rolls over like a draw. Golfers around me had the sliding weight on draw and were still hitting fades. Those over 50 or with a high handicap should try the TaylorMade Jetspeed TP Driver and leave the SLDR to the professionals.

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