Choosing a golf bag

by Dennis Begin
Callaway cart bag.
Callaway cart bag. — photo courtesy of Callaway

With spring comes the time to upgrade the old golf bag. A good bag is necessary equipment and can reflect the type of golfer you are, how often you play and can even indicate your age and skill level. A golf bag is both a good investment and an asset to your game.

What is necessary in a good bag?

  • High quality craftsmanship.
  • Lightweight synthetic fabric such as nylon.
  • A hard plastic frame or metal reinforcements.
  • Good strong zippers on the pockets.

Possible bag options include:

  • Full length dividers for each of the 14 clubs                                              
  • Putter well or tube on the outside of the bag                                                     
  • Umbrella holder                                                                                     
  • Towel loop/ring and glove Velcro to dry glove                                        
  • Rain hood                                                                              
  • Top handle to lift bag                                                                             
  • Beverage sleeve or lined cooler                                                                      
  • Warranty

The selection of your golf bag really depends on what type of clubs you use and the skill level of your game. There are only three types of bags to select from.

Staff bag or pro bag

This type of bag is used by touring pros and usually comes equipped with a caddy. These bags are very big, heavy and roomy and made of canvas or leather. The name of the sponsor and player is on the bag. Because of their large size, these bags are not really designed for amateurs.

Stand bag or carry bag

If you are a walker, this is a bag that is light and stands at an angle, meaning the two legs are extended out. The two legs are retractable when carried. The double shoulder straps distribute the weight equally on both shoulders. The weight of the bag is approximately five to eight pounds and it has four to six pockets.

Cart bag

These bags are designed for push or power carts. The base of the bag is round and made of non-slip material that fits onto the push cart or the back of a power cart. All the pockets are along the side of the bag or in front. The single strap is used only for loading and unloading the bag.  There are five to eight pockets and the bag weighs eight to 12 pounds.

As golfers age, they usually move from the carry bag to a cart bag. The hardest decision for the golfer is usually the golf company, the model and color of the bag. When fully loaded the bag should not exceed 40 pounds.

The ideal golf bag for any golfer, however, is the bag that complements the way he or she plays and helps lower his or her score.

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