Bridgestone’s B330 series golf ball

by Dennis Begin
Bridgestone B330 series golf ball
Bridgestone B330 series golf ball. — Dennis Begin photo

If you watch the Golf Channel, you’ve seen a humorous commercial featuring David Feherty, Fred Couples, Matt Kuchar, Lee Trevino and other touring pros. The commercial is about a golf ball with “hydro core technology”—meaning there is water inside the ball.

The commercial is set in the Bridgestone factory in Covington, Georgia, where the new 2014 balls are coming off the assembly line. The scientist at Bridgestone discovered that when the core of the ball was mixed with a drop of water, the result was a golf ball that travelled farther, straighter, had less spin and more accuracy. 

Water in the core produces 30 per cent more graduation around the inner and outer areas of the ball. The result is a softer inner region and a firmer outer region for a better ball flight and feel. The rest of the ball has a urethane cover, consists of three pieces and has “dual dimple technology.” The inside dimple increases thrust power at contact for greater distance, while the outer dimple promotes a shallow angle of descent for increased roll. This combination of dimples makes the ball very aerodynamic.

Balls for amateurs and pros

The vast majority of amateur golfers have a club speed of under 105 miles per hour and need to play a softer ball. The two balls recommended by Bridgestone are the Tour B330-RX and the Tour B330-RXS. The RX is good for distance while the RXS is good for distance and soft spin around the greens. In simple terms: buy the balls in the red and silver boxes.

With a club speed of over 105 miles per hour, the pros and those golfers with a low handicap need to use a four piece or harder ball. The B330 ball produces greater distance and the B330-S is good for both distance and soft spin around the greens. Pros, buy the balls in the black and blue boxes.

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